Monday, May 11, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Meet our adventurers!

So, we finally got together in my home town for a full day of nothing but DnD and the occasional pizza. It almost felt like christmas.

I decided a while ago that I wanted to run Hoard of the Dragon Queen as our first campaign. First of all because the campaign was last season's DnD Encounters scenario. I presume that it meant the first forage into 5th edition for many players (beyond the starter set) so it would probably suit us as well. Secondly, I really liked following the adventures of other blogs through the first three or so scenarios. I couldn't wait to see what my own friends would come up with once we had our own run. Thirdly, I had all of the maps and other periferals at the ready, as well as having read the whole campaign for a second time recently.

Later on I hope to share some of the tricks that worked well for me as a DM in our first session, which saw us running through the entire first episode, Greenest in Flames. But today's update is devoted to our heroes.

Garos-Adoauer Serpenthelm

Garos is the cleric and the clear cut quarter back of the group. David, who plays Garos, wanted to model him after Ragnar Lothbrok from the Vikings TV series. Like Ragnar, Garos is as religious as he is deadly in a fight. Garos has the campaign-specific bond where he is travelling to Greenest to investigate the Cult of the Dragon lead his father gave him in his last moments. Bound by tradition and inflexible in his thinking, the first caravan to Greenest was immediately joined by a disciple of Talos.

David chose the Tempest Cleric domain early on. Besides some kick-ass spellcasting and the very welcome Wrath of the Storm ability, this meant him playing an evil character. Davids choice here influenced a lot of the campaign. Not only would I be DM:ing for the first time in several years – my group would play evil characters! That meant I had to be inventive when tying them to the story. The usual hero stuff wouldn't do.


My oldest RPG friend, Ola, chose to play a Half Orc Rogue for this campaign. Despite the odd choice, Kerr is, perhaps, the least excentric of the trio. A hired killer, he is responsible for an innocent persons imprisonment (not that it would bother him). Kerr has been having bad dreams, even apocalyptic dreams, in which ten evil-looking eyes stare at him from the darkness. He feels compelled to travel to Greenest and meets Garos while riding on a caravan cart bound for the small town.

Victor of Prestor

A nobleman, also bound for Greenest (although in a private carriage), is a serious contender to Garos as the group leader. He secretly believes that everyone is beneath him, which doesn't suit Garos' inflexible thinking very well. Lord Prestor would prove his worth several times during the night though, charging into battle and forcing disadvantage on many a to hit roll as well as contributing a wealth of knowledge concerning torture techniques. He is financially invested in the Greenest caravans and must make sure that the house of Prestor maintains its alliance with the rival house of Flanders.

Victor also happens to be the only pictured character from the times and struggles. Here he is, in all his grace:

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