Monday, June 29, 2015

Meet Thryggvael, our new adventurer!

When playing episode two, our merry group was joined by a new player, Tobias, to fill out the party.
As we had already made characters for everyone the last time we met, we were up to speed and I felt that I could focus my thoughts on how to introduce the new character, rather than turning pages in the Players Handbook. It took about twenty minutes to get everything except spells down on the character sheet. As I hadn’t invested in the spellcards yet (due to not knowing which class Tobias would choose) there were some additional time looking up spells, but I as a DM did not have to worry about that.

Tobias chose to play a half-elf bard with the sage background to give the PC:s some backup with magic and buffs. The “minor inspiration” and passive healing actions would serve them well in dungeons to come. It was also very nice to expand the group to 4 players, so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the less-than-stellar encounter planning system quite as often.

I chose to introduce Thryggvael (quickly shortened to Tryggve) in place of Leosin Erlanthar’s monk colleague. The minor NPC didn’t do much besides handing out the quest to save Leosin anyway, so why not tie Tobias right into the plot?
He had arrived in Greenest with Leosin and was aware of his plan to infiltrate the cult, as they together had studied the cult’s movement and figured out the next likely attack. During the raid Tryggve was hit in the head rather hard and fell down into a storm cellar where he passed out. The next day, he tried to recollect his memories and headed to the local inn to find out if Leosin was alive. When he checked his clothes, he found a note, telling him to follow the trails to the raider’s camp. He stopped by the keep first, where he found the other characters and the episode could start.

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