Sunday, September 27, 2015

Miniature Moment: Elementals and Cultists (part one)

This summer I picked up a copy of Temple of Elemental Evil: the Board Game. It's a part in DnD:s Adventure System games and, so, it contained a lot of miniatures. I figured that even if the board game was bad (I hadn't played the series before) I could use the minis in my DnD campaigns and other adventures.

While reading Homeland by R.A. Salvatore (read the book review here), I got the urge to paint the Earth Elemental, after its appearance in the book. Before long I had also painted the Earth Cultists and carried on to the Air Elemental and cultists. It is now my ambition to paint every miniature in the box since it really makes the game come to life. DnD:s monster gallery wouldn't be the same if they were all the same green color, right?

Earth Elemental and Cultists

Painting the minis:

For the Earth Elemental and cultists, I used a grey basecoat and applied a generous coat of Army Painter Strong Tone Ink, and left them to dry. When completely dry (it takes longer than you think), I drybrushed som light grey over the edges, to get the stony edges to pop out.

For the air elemental, I just started with the same grey basecoat and added light layers of light grey drybrushing. The cultists were also basecoated the same way and then blocked with dark grey for the armor details, skin tones and lastly brown and bone for the crossbow. I then inked them with Army Painter Dark Tone before drybrushing with light grey.

Air Elemental and Cultists

Easy, right? They all evolved from the same grey color by different techniques. Board game pieces don't have to be super detailed to be effective, but make sure to use varnish as they will be picked up over and over again.

Next time, I'll show you the minis from the water and fire elements.

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