Monday, October 12, 2015

Miniature Moment: Elementals and Cultists (part two)

To continue my painting challenge and stay true to my promise, I started work on the rest of the elementals and their cultists. There were only two elements left, and since we always double up on our painting services here on Sword Coast Junkie, there wasn't much choice this time. 

On to the minis!
A halfling rogue plays with fire deep inside the temple.
Painting the minis:

Painting wasn't as straight-forward as with the earth and air elements (that is, base everything grey), so this time I went back to the old black base coat. A nice, perhaps a bit exaggerated metallic drybrush followed by a red ink followed. 

Oh, and I replaced all the spears with new ones, keeping the spear tip. The plastic spears and other thin parts of these minis tend to bend and look really bad, so if you have the time, get out your pin vice.

The fire parts and the large elemental is just tones of a mustardy yellow mixed up with increasing parts of a standard red tone. Drybrush until done!

Water elemental and cultists.
To be perfectly honest, I'm not so fond of how the water cultists turned out, but the elemental really got the watery feeling across. They share some tones and seem to belong together, so I decided to keep them and just move on to more minis instead of repainting. I might revisit the cultists later on, though.

I started out by blocking the brown parts and inking that with Army Painter's strong tone. I highlighted the shell shields and coral swords with bone. The water elemental is a painted in a medium dark green tone, drybryshed with even darker green. To contrast the dark green I lightly drybrushed light grey and white on the pointy brine edges. The reasoning was not far from painting gemstones.

There you have them - all of the elements done! Next time we'll dive into a hundred shades of brown.

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