Wednesday, October 28, 2015

OotA: Ep. 1: Prisoners of the Drow

Deep Gnome Rogue
Between life, work and, recently, parenting, I've had to pause our main campaign, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, as I don't have the time to travel to my old and trusted RPG group. However, last thursday, me and two of my more local friends got together for some coffee, applecake and the latest DnD campaign. 

I was the DM again (one day, maybe I'll write these write-ups from a player perspective) and challenged with having only two players in a fierce first scenario. Victor and David didn't seem to mind, though, and they started as a Deep Gnome Rogue and a High Elf Fighter, both with the intention of going arcane later on.

Since we know each other's playstyles quite well, we agreed to only roleplay the parts that were really interesting and solve other situations with charisma rolls, as per the DMG conversation rules. It was a bit hard at first, since I like roleplaying, but in the end it got us into the encounters quicker and the duo even managed to level up after only three or so hours of playtime.

They started out imprisoned and stripped of all their posessions in the now well-known Velkynvelve outpost. I introduced lots of things, like 13 NPC:s, a map, the whole of the Underdark, and so on. This scenario takes some setup, but once you get the setting going, good players can start to lead the adventure and escape attempt in their own direction and you, as a keen DM, should hang on to the developing threads.

Fellow inmate, Ront.
David, for example, got a small tarantula as his only possession. He asked if he had had time to train it to do simple things, like fetch stuff. ”Why not?”, I responded. Are there rules for it? No. Did it seem like a great idea I hadn't thought of? Hell yes – so I went with it! Sadly, the spider ended up not doing very much.

David decided to act clumsy while on clean-up duty in order to spill out wine and catch some drow off-guard. The scene led up to a brawl, since Jorlan, one of the drow lieutenants, decided to let the prisoners out of the cage. 

Victor and his new orc friend, Ront, joined the fray and the team managed to take over one of the stalactites quietly enough. From there, they recuperated and Victor went on a stealthy exploration spree. He mapped the remaining outpost and discovered giant furry friends as well as the drow mistress Ilvara inside her own stalactite.

The team slaughtered a giant spider in order to level up and, in doing so, awakened the whole outpost to the situation. They were all interrupted when a gathering of fighting demons flew by and decided to take their battle to the outpost. We left our duo there, right in the middle of the storm.

Will they escape from the beleaguered Drow? I dont know! Join us next time!

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